This research project aims to create a public service for broadcasters via developer APIs and the shared use of media assets. Term of the project: 2020 to 2022.


The traditional media landscape is changing. Public broadcasters are increasingly becoming public online media organisations.

Aim and implementation of the MediaVerse platform

  • SRG SSR is the first company to provide content and data via a developer portal using public interfaces as a public service. The API data are provided free of charge for non-commercial use.
  • encouraging developers to integrate existing content and data into their own applications and ecosystems.
  • The first MediaVerse API for accessible documents has already been published on the SRG SSR Developer Portal (
  • As part of the project, SWISS TXT will contribute in-depth knowledge of media workflows and technologies currently being used in order to define the relevant workflows for the project. We are involved in the development and implementation of technology.
  • SWISS TXT will also be responsible for piloting the MediaVerse technologies in a citizen journalism use case (close cooperation with the Helios project).
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Robin Ribback
Robin Ribback
Innovation Manager