A future with a history

As a subsidiary and multimedia competence centre of SRG SSR, SWISS TXT has accompanied Switzerland into an increasingly complex digital future – from consulting to implementation.

It all started in 1983 with the launch of Teletext. Even before the turn of the century, it reached the Internet. The product was then extended to SMS services (2000) and later mobile telephones and smartphones. Today, SWISS TXT offers video and audio streaming solutions (since 2010). Additional content is also available on SRG's Smart TV products (2016). All multimedia applications are hosted on a separate cloud. SWISS TXT becomes SRG SSR's competence centre for ICT and Access Services in 2019.  


The Swiss «Navigator» in the digital transformation

The digital transformation poses great challenges for businesses, not only with their products and services but their entire business model. Video is increasingly gaining importance, not only in multimedia, and the high data quantities it requires pose tremendous technical and organizational challenges. Many suppliers in a broad range of industries feel overwhelmed by the new options and requirements because it is hard to keep up with the pace of change.



SWISS TXT is Switzerland's navigator in this digital world. It knows the right ways to reach customers' targets securely or to discover unknown opportunities and new possibilities together with them. As an inspiring partner and trailblazer, SWISS TXT helps them to identify opportunities, implement innovative ideas and rise to the challenges of the digital world in a lasting way.

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