2019 Jungfrau Marathon
HELIOS research project

2019 Jungfrau Marathon
HELIOS research project

SWISS TXT tested the EU-funded research project HELIOS at the Jungfrau Marathon on 7 September 2019 in Interlaken and demonstrated the project’s feasibility.



  • SWISS TXT is a partner of the HELIOS research project, which is sponsored and funded by the EU.
  • The HELIOS research project aims to develop a revolutionary citizen journalism and social media platform. It also tests new business models based on blockchain technology.
  • Ultramarathon runner Gabi Schenkel took part in the 2019 Jungfrau Marathon and was accompanied by members of the editorial team to provide the content for the study.

The solution in detail

  • Development of a mobile app in collaboration with Levuro to create photo and video content.
  • Integration of the media asset management platform Mediahub developed by SWISS TXT in the ingestion and publication workflow.
  • Operation of the video exchange platform developed by SWISS TXT to distribute multimedia content and to remunerate authors by means of a digital market place.


Objectives achieved

  • The feasibility of the EU-funded research project HELIOS was demonstrated at the 2019 Jungfrau Marathon.
  • During the marathon, photos and videos were created with the mobile app that was developed for the Helios project.
  • This content was loaded to the Helios video exchange platform, where publishers, media companies and event organisers can access it and post it on their platforms and social media. The applications and platforms were deployed under real-life conditions and underwent intensive testing.
  • This proof of concept lays the foundation for future research in project HELIOS.

HELIOS is an EU-funded project within the scope of the H2020 Programme and Grant Agreement no.825585. It aims to develop a context-aware, distributed and decentralised social media platform and to introduce new concepts for the creation of reliable and transparent social graphs. Find out more: www.helios-h2020.eu.


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