Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Swiss Media

Cloud infrastructure (IaaS) for multimedia applications
Swiss Media Cloud

The Swiss Media Cloud is an 'infrastructure as a service' (IaaS) platform that enables customers to run their applications efficiently, manage multimedia content and reach end users through a variety of digital vectors.



  • The classic IT infrastructure is increasingly unable to keep up with the needs of the latest generation of multimedia applications.
  • A shift from isolated solutions to a cloud solution to centralize and professionalize services.
  • The existing solutions were too expensive for the client. Costs should refer only to the volume actually used.



  • To shift from a physical infrastructure to a cloud infrastructure that is distributed across multiple locations.
  • To be able to make changes and add services quickly and flexibly.
  • An alternative to maintaining an internal IT infrastructure.
  • Personal, client-oriented support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, where users have direct contact with engineers with new media expertise.
  • Location transparency. All the data and computer centres are located in Switzerland and subject to Swiss law exclusively.
  • A highly-available infrastructure in two data centres located directly at Internet peering points. A top quality service for end users thanks to low latency. Distribution via Swiss computer centres.
  • An automated infrastructure for high quality and efficient operation.
  • A state of the art network, computing and storage infrastructure for all media use cases (online, nearline, archiving) supported by multiple redundant content delivery infrastructures (CDN).
  • A scalable, flexible cloud platform for multimedia applications.
  • Transparent usage reporting: Charges based on actual usage.
  • The client has control over the infrastructure (self-service and automation) for greater independence and agility.


Interface für Kunden

Web management interface for client - network configuration.

Interface für Kunden

Web management interface for client – configure and create servers at the push of a button.


  • Self-service portal (for computing, backup, storage and network services).
  • The client can select the computer centre. A computer centre can be allocated for each virtual server.
  • Multi-client capability, demarcation and isolation of the various client environments. Meets the highest security requirements.
  • Client-oriented service management processes (incident, problem and change processes) as well as short intervention times for service adjustments.
  • Superb disaster tolerance, excellent cost efficiency, high scalability, high bandwidths for online content delivery, as well as high levels of standardization, agility and flexibility.
  • The technology also distinguishes clearly between the hardware layer, cloud orchestration and the frontend layer.


  • The infrastructure can be automated using an open API (DevOps, continuous deployment and integration).
  • Servers (CPU, RAM, hard drive) can be prepared and scaled within minutes at the push of a button.
  • Local and global load balancing (between two computer centres) for load distribution and maximum availability.
  • A variety of storage levels – from high-performance storage with a short latency (SSD) to cost-effective nearline storage for multimedia archives.
  • Integration with configuration management tools (Puppet, Ansible) for a full automated infrastructure.
  • The infrastructure is agile and programmable, and can be scaled in seconds to respond to changes quickly.
  • Identical test, integration and production environments can be mirrored easily. 



Automation: details of virtual machines on the console.


Automation: creating predefined environments using the command line tool.


  • Pay-as-you-go system: save time and money.
  • No need to operate an in-house IT infrastructure.
  • Automation and self-service for independence and agility.


feature image

2'000 virtual machines

feature image

8.8 PB media storage

feature image

1.5 PB of data distributed each month

feature image

73 EST hosts with a total of 17 TB RAM


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