From TV to smartphones The threefold digital transformation of the cult medium

The threefold digital transformation of the cult medium

The Teletext service of the SRF, RTS and RSI TV channels has already undergone three digital transformations since 1984. In the first one, Teletext was taken from the TV to pagers and mobile phones (SMS). In the second one, Teletext started using the new functionalities of the Internet. Since the third and most recent transformation, Teletext is providing a news service that can be accessed at any time from anywhere using a smartphone. Find out more about the evolution of the iconic Swiss news medium.
TV, pager, smartphone und Computer

The various vectors (pagers, smartphones, web).


In 1984, a new news medium conquered the living rooms of Switzerland: Teletext. For over 30 years now, Teletext has been a fixed and integral part of news dissemination in Switzerland. Originally only available on TVs, Teletext is now also available online and on mobile devices. With an average weekly readership of one million in TV and 350'000 Unique Clients per month online as well as with its unique pixel design, Teletext is probably the Swiss medium with the greatest cult appeal.

  • Over the years since its launch in 1984 on SRG SSR's TV channels, Teletext has evolved into one of the most popular information sources in Switzerland.
  • Domestic and global news, sport results, stock prices, traffic and weather bulletins, as well as news highlights are looked up by a highly diverse audience across all age brackets. 
  • At the beginning of 2013, record user figures exceeding two million readers per day were recorded during major sporting events like the Winter Olympic Games, Swiss National Wrestling and Alpine Festival and national elections.
  • There are also attractive solutions for commercial advertisers and sponsors, thanks to our high degree of flexibility and relevance as well as contexts that are topical and relevant to various target groups.
  • The appearance of new digital and mobile communication and information platforms resulted in increasingly fragmented information and advertising channels.
  • Changing media usage with a trend towards "information that is available everywhere at all times".
  • New channels allowed Teletext to reach its users not only via the TV screen mainly in the evening at home, but also during the day in the office (at the computer) or while they are travelling, via their mobile phones.



  • To transfer the strengths (USPs) of Teletext as an information and advertising platform to the new digital channels/products.
  • To retain existing users and advertisers and attract new ones.
  • To use the opportunities provided by the new technologies and connect the channels (cross media) to create added value for end users and advertisers.


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Teletext underwent three digital transformations over the course of 30 years. The new technological possibilities enabled Teletext to extend its reach from the living room to the whole world. Ultimately, PCs and mobile devices are nothing other than small TV screens.

  • Initial products on the principle of "exploiting the many new technological possibilities" with longer texts, images, a completely new layout and navigation.
  • A recognition that "more" is not necessarily "better".
  • Use of the new online channel was modest and the classic TV Teletext remained the most popular channel by a tremendous margin.
  • The SMS info services were very successful right from the start, because the 160 character limit supported the strengths of Teletext, i.e. "key facts in brief", available via simple query or subscription.


  • Breakthrough with the "898cross" strategy, with, by and large, a 1:1 replication of the classic TV Teletext on all channels. Direct access to the required information using familiar page numbers, whether via the TV remote, the keyboard or the touchscreen. And all of this in the iconic pixel design. Transfer of the main strengths to the new digital vectors: simple, fast and relevant thanks to a reduction to the essentials, high relevance and high credibility.


Teletext auf TV und Handy

TV and smartphone.

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The use of digital products increased tenfold within a very short space of time.

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The "key facts in brief" of Teletext are available to users everywhere at any time; simply and quickly.

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Advertisers reach their target groups "everywhere and at any time" and, via the digital channels, even "interactively".


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