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As a subsidiary and multimedia competence centre of SRG SSR, SWISS TXT has accompanied Switzerland into an increasingly complex digital future – from consulting to implementation.

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Customers tell their success stories. Learn more about the problem, the goals, the chosen course, the solution and the benefit of an implemented project.

J. S. Bach foundation VoD platform

The J. S. Bach foundation has set itself a big mission: to perform all the vocal works of Johann Sebastian Bach and to film the performances in order to provide posterity with a better understanding of the great composer. It is also being financed through the sale of the recordings on DVD. Until September 2015. Then the J.S. Bach-Foundation went online with its VoD platform.

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Event Player

SRG pays a lot of money for its rights to televise major sporting events and wishes to provide its audience with optimum programming. However, while linear TV has its limits, the web doesn't. Online, far more content can be broadcast in parallel and with supplementary content.

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Swiss Media Cloud

The Swiss Media Cloud is an 'infrastructure as a service' (IaaS) platform that enables customers to run their applications efficiently, manage multimedia content and reach end users through a variety of digital vectors.

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CDN Manager

Content Distribution Network: a CDN is a network of regionally distributed servers that are connected via the Internet. It is used for distributing content – in particular, large media files – via the public Internet.

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SRG sport results centre

The sport results centre for the SRF, RTS and RSI TV channels covers Swiss sport across the board. News needs to be published within seconds these days. Viewers demand more and more video content. Find out more about this national, multi-language project.

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Access services for SRG

People with a sensory handicap want to have access to multimedia content on the TV too. Without access services such as subtitles, audiodescription and sign language this would not be possible. Using the Swiss Federation for the Deaf as an example, we will show the challenges and needs of the deaf when it comes to accessing TV content and the solutions available.

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Merging Internet and TV. HbbTV is a European standard for interactive TV. SRG launched a pilot project for its TV channels. Multimedia content can now also be looked up on SRF+, RTS+, RSI+, RTR+ and SWI+ by pressing the red button on the remote control. Find out more about this revolutionary project.

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The first step is always an innovative idea.


Consulting and good planning are the foundation for a successful project.


Experienced specialists are on hand for all aspects of the project.


Operation of the solution is part of the life cycle.