A Young European Perspective 

The primary idea of A Young European Perspective is to encourage young individuals to contribute their opinions securely and anonymously on news from across Europe via video through their app. This innovation project is a digital venture by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU). This initiative employs technologies such as automatic translation, artificial intelligence (AI), and recommendation algorithms to equip journalists with the necessary tools to track news across Europe.  

SRG SSR and SWISS TXT have developed the Citizen Journalism (CJ) app and Curation Backend as part of European Union research initiatives. The CJ App is part of a broader system, which enables decentralized content production - both live and pre-recorded - via smartphone. Users can contribute various forms of media content such as videos, audios or images. 

These platform contains:  

  • Nudity detection: a tool for flagging inappropriate content 
  • Calculated trust: a mechanism to ensure reliability of content 
  • Geo fencing: a feature to control content visibility based on geographical locations 
  • Subtitling: a tool to provide written translations of spoken dialogue 
  • Spoken subtitles or Text-To-Speech (TTS): A feature that reads out written text. 
  • Digital Marketplace based on blockchain technology 

To know more: https://www.ebu.ch/eurovision-news/european-perspective  

Robin Ribback
Robin Ribback
Innovation Manager