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24/7 support
Service Desk

Infrastructure and applications are becoming more and more complex. Reliable support and automated monitoring are mandatory. SWISS TXT does her best, tackling issues before they arise and offers her costumers a 24/7 support.



  • Infrastructure and applications are becoming more and more complex: integrating all manner of systems and exchanging data while keeping it consistent are difficult tasks.
  • With media it is particularly important to rectify errors immediately or ensure that they are at least unnoticeable to the end user.
  • Reliable support and automated monitoring for both the internal IT and the outsourcing partner are mandatory.
  • Video infrastructure for storage, playout, etc. comes with its own particular challenges: e.g. catering for the size of the files, the number of simultaneous accesses, streaming quality on all devices and usage peaks without generating excessive overheads.



An automated monitoring in the offices of SWISS TXT.

the challenge

  • Ensuring that the overview of the status of the entire infrastructure and application environment is simple and up to date.
  • Responding quickly and communicating in the event of disruptions.
  • B2B support: the customer’s viewers and users can only reach the SWISS TXT Service Desk indirectly, meaning customers have a particularly high quality awareness.



  • Reliable service monitoring with the relevant KPIs, automatic notifications in the event of any unusual system behaviour.
  • Specialists available around the clock: 24/7 availability by phone.
  • Multilingual employees; support available in four languages.
  • In the event of disruptions and maintenance work (updates), information is automatically sent to all parties involved.



  • Tackling issues before they arise thanks to monitoring and proactive capacity management.
  • Reliable infrastructure and well-functioning applications thanks to robust documentation and orderly handovers that are defined in accordance with standards.
  • Reliable infrastructure thanks to high-quality support and transparent communication with the customer.



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