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Swiss sport in all its variety
SRG sport results centre

The sport results centre for the SRF, RTS and RSI TV channels covers Swiss sport across the board. News needs to be published within seconds these days. Viewers demand more and more video content. Find out more about this national, multi-language project.



Down-to-the-second sport results and video content (video streaming, live streaming, VoD) pose great challenges for the infrastructure. The three TV channels SRF, RTS and RSI decided to develop a joint national sport results centre.

  • SRG SSR offers a comprehensive online sport results service that needs to be published 24/7, quickly and technically reliably on SRG's various online products.
  • This requires a high-performance publishing platform that permits sport editors to report about sport efficiently and reliably.



  • Near real-time: only seconds may pass between entry / event and publication.
  • Lean process, little work, high degree of automation.
  • Manual intervention must be possible (e.g. disqualification, point deduction, change in ranking).
  • Broad channel coverage (as at August 2015).
Screenprint von Tennis Resultate

Tennis results updated on screen.

Here is an overview of the products available in conjunction with the sport results centre:

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  • Project management: Regional differences between the SRG units (culture, priorities, products, processes, technology).
  • Requirements: channel diversity and flexibility in real time, i.e. high performance and a high degree of automation.
  • Organization: The games take place in the evening and on weekends > ensure system availability and support outside of office hours.
  • Operation: sport associations change their game modes / rules from one year to the next which frequently affects the platform too.


Laptop mit der Seite der Resultaten

The results are published immediately.


  • Develop a separate editing and publication platform for online sport reporting.
  • Publish on more than 20 channels (websites, mobile apps, news tickers, TV apps) in real time.
  • Cover approx. 70 different sport types and leagues with their own game modes.
  • Manage all the relevant sport types and leagues and their information, such as clubs, players, classifications, results, events, news.


  • Fully automated publication of basic information such as results, goals -> take the pressure off news studios completely.
  • Life cycle management of data. SWISS TXT monitors sporting events and passes on all content (e.g. start of season, player transfers, disqualifications).
  • A modular, technically flexible platform for connecting data sources and new output channels.
Handy mit der App

Live results.


  • Up-to-date and reliable sport information for customers.
  • Little work required / more time available in news studios thanks to automation.
  • Predictable costs when new channels are connected (e.g. HbbTV).


Euro 2016 update

  • More ways for users to follow the action.
  • Switch camera perspectives in the live stream: tactical view, follower camera, etc.
  • Multi-angle replays of key scenes as video on demand.
  • Extended information provides an overview of the entire tournament, e.g. statistics, team details and game schedule.


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