Subtitles, as a live as well as a non-live service, offer many opportunities for both people with hearing impairments and people from foreign language backgrounds:

  • Live subtitling in the original language
  • Non-live subtitling in foreign languages

Access Services make your audiovisual content accessible to people with sensory disabilities. They also offer extensive added value such as searchability of videos and distribution of your content in any number of languages.

SWISS TXT has been implementing access services for SRG SSR and its corporate units SRF, RTS and RSI as well as for corporate partners and educational institutes for 30 years. We offer proximity and professionalism in 3 official languages as well as in around 20 other languages throughout our regional locations (Zurich, Geneva, Comano) with around 100 employees. SWISS TXT subtitles approx. 70% of all SRG TV broadcasts, which corresponds to approx. 40,000 hours per year.

Additional informations:

How are TV subtitles created for people with hearing impairments?

for the European Handball Championships in Croatia – a solution for MTG TV Norway

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Access services for SRG

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