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Online Platform

SWISS TXT offers online speech-to-text for students and trainees with sensory impairments. Thanks to this service, they can now understand the course content and actively participate in class. Speech-to-text is provided by professional SWISS TXT reporters via an online platform specially developed for the purpose.



  • For hearing impaired students, it is difficult to participate in class and to fully understand the content.
  • Poor ambient conditions or classrooms and auditoriums which are too large don't make it easier.
  • A lot of school content today is transmitted only orally and without any documentation.
  • Therefore, for those concerned it is difficult to follow what the teacher says and to take notes at the same time.
  • Active participation in class is thus very limited for hearing impaired students.
  • SWISS TXT has been subtitling SRG programmes in the four national languages for 30 years, which allows it to use this know-how and the technologies developed in the educational field.
  • By following the course live on a screen (tablet or laptop), students can understand the course content and participate in class.




  • Students can follow the course in real time.
  • They can participate actively in class (inclusion).
  • The live transmitted text can also be useful after the lesson, for preparing exams for example.
  • By offering speech-to-text, educational organisations meet legal requirements in terms of inclusion and equality regarding people with sensory impairments.
  • The online platform offers more flexibility and allows for speech-to-text reporters to be available anytime and anywhere. They don't need to be onsite anymore.




  • The teacher's speech is sent via the online platform to the reporters who transfer simultaneously the spoken content into text.
  • SWISS TXT employs professional speech-to-text reporters.
  • Thanks to its 30 years' experience in subtitling SRG programmes, SWISS TXT has a thorough understanding of the needs of hearing-impaired people.
  • The solution works on any device and can be activated by the students themselves.



  • Students are independent in class.
  • Access to educational content is guaranteed.
  • Active participation in class becomes possible.
  • Inequalities can be redressed thanks to speech-to-text.
  • Costs are usually covered by cantonal offices.


Thanks to the SWISS TXT service, I understand more in the lectures and can follow the lessons better.

Timon Nyfeler
Student, severely hard of hearing

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