Multimedia Error-free multimedia products
Testing center

Error-free multimedia products
Testing center

Users of multimedia products want to be able to consume the content anytime and anywhere, and they want it to be error-free and in a form optimized for the device they are using. To ensure these high expectations are met, the applications must be tested in detail prior to publication.

Gil Bertoli, professional test engineer, in front of the «video wall» at SWISS TXT.


  • Developers of multimedia solutions are faced with the challenge of the large number of devices available on the market. Each smartphone, tablet or TV set presents and plays the contents slightly differently.
  • Manufacturers' standards are rapidly changing, and the development cycles of new devices are getting ever shorter.
  • New technologies and software updates can greatly alter the way multimedia solutions are displayed on a device.
  • Testing multimedia solutions is time-consuming and resource-heavy, but is essential for successful publications and for ultimately satisfied users.
  • Different video player for each type of device and a variation in the quality of the video streaming for mobile devices makes the task even more complex



  • Standardized tests and procedures.
  • Effective and efficient test phases for development iterations.
  • Fast response times for error correction.
  • Embedded in agile project management.
  • Representative tests for the most popular devices.
  • Maximum automation of tests for processes where human intelligence is not required.



The testing center of SWISS TXT.


  • Geared to the market for devices, so that a representative selection of devices is available.
  • Basic and advanced training for test engineers.
  • Integration of tests in the agile SWISS TXT project management.
  • Automated, centralized and synchronous control of TV sets with the help of the Suitest tool for HbbTV tests.
  • Structured approach and detailed documentation of errors to ensure effective and quick rectification of bugs in the development department.



  • More efficient and effective test procedures thanks to time saving.
  • Direct and rapid feedback from Test Center to developers; hence short bug-fixing cycles.
  • Simultaneous testing of a test case on all defined devices results in higher quality even for regression tests.
  • Integration in agile process ensures higher acceptance of the solution by the customer.
  • Automation of test cases helps to reveal standard errors and to identify specific device errors.

Multimedia product test.


All activities ultimately have just one objective: to ensure a good end-user experience.


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