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Access to TV content for visually impaired and blind people.

Audiodescription enables blind and visually impaired people to enjoy TV programmes. This is an important part of the public service and is regulated in the RTVO. For audiodescription, explanations are given during pauses in dialogue as to what is happening on screen, so that visually impaired and blind people can follow the action. Each enterprise unit of SRG is obliged to broadcast 24 programmes per year with audiodescription. The TV channel RSI is broadcasting audiodescriptions produced by SWISS TXT for the first time to offer a high-quality supplementary service.


  • RTVO Art. 7 ordains that each enterprise unit of SRG must broadcast at least 24 programmes per year with audio description.
  • It is not possible for RSI in Italy to obtain audiodescriptions. This would require RSI to develop its own infrastructure and new processes, which would increase the cost pressure.



  • Fulfil the mandate in accordance with the RTVO.
  • Broadcast 10 additional documentary films with audio description.
  • Act as internal and sole contact partner within SRG.
  • Offer professional services regarding audiodescription.


The solution at the RSI TV channel has been in place since January 2016. Synergies with the on-site subtitling editorial team enable optimal production. 

solution / path

  • Use the existing access services infrastructure at the Comano site.
  • Two subtitling employees who have been specifically trained for this purpose.
  • Create a professional offering, which is also relevant to the third-party market.
  • Cost-efficient production of audiodescription through standardized processes.
  • Joint use of the existing subtitling infrastructure allows cost-effective production in which the time codes for subtitling are used.
  • The script forms the basis for high-quality audiodescription.



  • Affordable prices for customers.
  • One internal contact partner for audiodescription.
  • The RTVO mandate is implemented.
  • Important contribution to the public service.
  • Allows visually impaired and blind people to be part of the audiovisual public.


Audio Description


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