5 reasons
that companies should use subtitles

5 reasons
that companies should use subtitles

In addition to giving people with sensory impairments access to audiovisual media, subtitles add value in many ways. For example, with the aid of the subtitle file videos can be translated quickly and cost-effectively into other languages. The subtitle file also provides SEO, which means that it can be used to search through and find video content in the web. In this way, your videos efficiently reach a whole host of new target groups.

Nowadays, videos are watched on the go via social media newsfeeds. This often means that the sound has to be off. Even if this is the case, subtitles make your videos accessible to all, at all times.

Automatic subtitles make it easy to transcribe video footage of meetings and conferences without lifting a finger. A few seconds is all it takes to generate the record you need, allowing you to find content faster, or use it for minuting purposes.

SWISS TXT has provided access services for SRG SSR, its SRF, RTS and RSI units, corporate partners and educational institutes for 30 years.

We have around 100 employees at our regional locations (Zurich, Geneva, Comano) so we can provide professional services close to you, in Switzerland’s 3 official languages and around 20 other languages.

SWISS TXT subtitles about 50% of SRG TV broadcasts, corresponding to about 29’000 hours a year.


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