Online live webinar

Online live webinar
Accessible digital presence

Online live webinar
23 September 2021
Accessible digital presence

Together with ‘Zugang für Alle’ (Access for all) and ‘Siteimprove’, SWISS TXT is organising an online live webinar for public-sector institutions and universities in Switzerland.

Part 1:
Guidelines, processes, accessible content and continuity

Digital services and websites presented by public institutions must be accessible to all visitors. But what (legal) principles need to be followed? How do you initiate the accessibility process, how do you make multimedia content accessible to everyone and how do you guarantee ongoing accessibility of your website and online videos?
You can look forward to these presentations:

1. Federal office for equality of people with disabilities (EGBG)

Speaker: Markus Riesch, Head of the Federal e-Accessibility Unit

How can public institutions offer accessibility? Tips & information from the field
The Federal Administration has well over 1000 websites, specialised applications and apps that are developed and operated decentrally by the individual organisational units. The individual organisational units themselves are responsible for implementing accessibility. This article shows through concrete examples from the field how continuous improvement of accessibility can be ensured in such an environment.

2. Zugang für Alle (Access for all)

Speaker: Dr. Andreas Uebelbacher,  Head of Services

Starting points, approaches and responsibilities in implementing accessibility within organisations
Implementing accessibility within organisations presents a whole host of challenges, and often it’s not clear who is the best person to get the ball rolling, when they should start, and how to go about it. The presentation looks at key starting points and approaches in projects to enable organisations to give consideration to the requirements of accessibility in a timely, comprehensive and thus also efficient manner. In addition, we will identify which bodies or roles take on relevant responsibilities in this task. We will also cover some typical pitfalls to avoid.

3. Siteimprove

Speakers: Inka Ilona Taagehøj, Accessibility Expert
Mai Brandt Hartmann-Andersen, Digital Accessibility Assistant

Maintaining accessibility through process, technology and culture
A website is in a process of continuous change, so web accessibility is never completely ‘finished’. In addition, accessibility doesn’t stop at conformity – it has to be lived in processes, structures and teams. In this presentation, Siteimprove talks participants through how a website can be reviewed and kept accessible on a sustained basis. You will also learn how you can embed accessibility within your team and your business culture.
The presentation is in English with German subtitles.


Speakers: Michaela Nachtrab, Head of Business Development Access Services and Sign Language Interprete
Barbara Rossier, Sign Language Specialist and Sign Language Translator

Online videos with sign language and spoken subtitles – basic principles and practical tips
SWISS TXT gives a handy insight into what needs to be borne in mind when organising and producing accessible online videos. Some questions that will be discussed in the presentation:

  • What are the characteristics of accessible videos?
  • What content is suitable for translation into sign language?
  • What do you need to look out for with the language?
  • How are the texts selected and prepared?
  • What infrastructure is required for production and what types of production are there?
  • What are ‘spoken subtitles’ and how are they produced?
  • What is important in post-production?
  • What special features are there e.g. with regard to fade-ins, lower thirds, etc.?

The webinar will take place via the Zoom platform, including live German subtitles and sign language (Swiss-German Sign Language). Participation is free of charge.

Registration via this link

Event description «Barrierefreie digitale Auftritte» (in German)

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Can’t be there live? Feel free to sign up anyway and we’ll send you the recording of the event afterwards.

The presentations are in German or English. Are you interested in these topics in French? Please get in touch with us.

Part 2 of this webinar series will be presented in November

In the second part, the focus will be on success stories and real-life examples of implementation. An invitation and more details will follow soon.

Michaela Nachtrab

Your contact person

Michaela Nachtrab
Business Development Access Services
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