Football World Cup 2018

SWISS TXT is there too
Football World Cup 2018

SWISS TXT is there too
Football World Cup 2018

The 2018 World Cup is being held in Russia from 14 June to 15 July. SWISS TXT as SRG's Sport Multimedia Provider is there too. In addition to the existing services, we will be focusing this time on HbbTV and multi-angle views.

Additional information on HbbTV

For the World Cup, the solution developed for the Winter Olympics in Pyoengchang is being enhanced by several components for the display of additional information during live games. The following information can be displayed on HbbTV:

    • Tactical line-up
    • Ticker events
    • Match statistics
    • Information on stadiums, referees and spectator numbers


Multi-Angle clips for Web and mobiles

A new feature is the option of integrating multi-angle clips into the existing editorial workflows of all SRG enterprise units.

  • These can be used as a teaser or a link in an article
  • The additional information featured on HbbTV can also be accessed via Web and mobiles



Viewers can also, of course, watch all the games either live or delayed and, thanks to the edited highlights and match statistics supplied, will also be kept fully informed about the action on the pitch.

We look forward to plenty of exciting matches, and are proud that our multimedia sports solutions will be contributing to the enjoyment of this major sporting competition.

Further information: Event Player and Sports Results Center

Further information: HbbTV