Interactive TV

Interactive TV
for SRF, RTS, RSI, RTR and SWI

Merging Internet and TV. HbbTV is a European standard for interactive TV. SRG launched a pilot project for its TV channels. Multimedia content can now also be looked up on SRF+, RTS+, RSI+, RTR+ and SWI+ by pressing the red button on the remote control. Find out more about this revolutionary project.

HbbTV on screen.

Lots of new possibilities thanks to HbbTV.


TV and the Internet are merging increasingly. The technological possibilities allow the channel to interact with viewers and offer multimedia content either live or at a delay. SRF+, RTS+ and RSI+ are SRG pilot projects for interactive TV. 

  • HbbTV is a technical standard for interactive TV that is very popular, especially in Europe.
  • The technological revolution has reached the TV - the Internet is now also available on the television screen.
  • SRG's digital strategy is to focus on new digital channels.
  • From a media perspective, commercial competition has also reached the TV.



  • To generate a further channel to publish existing video material, both delayed (VoD) and live (streaming).
  • To add extra content to linear TV (at programme level as well).
  • To design and implement an interactive TV offering that is directly linked to the channel.
  • To develop TELETEXT 2.0, enriched with multimedia content.
  • To make interaction with viewers possible.



Launchbar on SRF+.


Merge TV and Internet. What should SRG's interactive TV offering look like? Like an application, in the style of a website? Or like a classic TV portal? How should viewers be able to navigate - using the keyboard or a motion sensor?

  • Rough strategy for interactive TV as a pilot product.
  • Develop the detailed concept with RTS in the lead.
  • Technical implementation of the pilot project (RTS+, SRF+, RSI+).
  • Challenge: How close to the TV (Teletext) or the web should it be?
  • Challenge: How do I navigate this interactive TV product with the remote control?



Play SRF: Overview.


Play SRF by theme...


...or by date.


  • Standardized products for interactive TV of all business units (SRF, RTS, RSI).
  • Use synergies, pool resources and skills. Save time and money through national coordination and implementation.
  • Additional offerings for the viewer: video on demand, live streams, web-only content.
  • The basic setup and the learnings gained in the pilot project will form the basis for future interactive TV.


Update: Relaunch of HbbTV (February 2017)

  • Focus on video content (video on demand, live streams)
  • Improvement in performance and UX
  • Redesign of the offering
  • Benefit for TV stations and viewers: larger video offering
  • Harmonization within SRG with regard to data feeds
  • Videotheque in HD
  • Automation of the workflow in playout
  • Subtitles now available on HbbTV (digital output)
  • Subtitles also enable TV stations and viewers to search for videos



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