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For over 40 years

As a subsidiary and multimedia competence centre of SRG SSR, SWISS TXT has accompanied Switzerland into an increasingly complex digital future – from consulting to implementation. Are you on board?

Working at SWISS TXT, what is it like?

Jens Gottbehüt

Teamleader Network
I work at SWISS TXT, because the technological challenges always fascinate me.

Renato Häni

Teamleader Platform Development
I like working at SWISS TXT, because we have a say in the choice of technologies and can actively take part in projects.

Tanja Morana

Head of Accessibility Services, Zurich
I really appreciate working at SWISS TXT, because I have a meaningful job and can share my ideas. Plus, I am surrounded by a motivated and inspiring team.

Raphael Spanyar

Software Developer
What I appreciate is that SWISS TXT employed me after my training and my military service and now supports me during my continuing education at the university of applied sciences.

Julien Kurt

Head of Communication & PR
I have been working at SWISS TXT for 10 years, because my work is always changing and remains exciting.

Susanne Müller

Graphic Designer
I have been with SWISS TXT for 30 years now, because I simply love working in a creative field.

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Olivier Angehrn

Olivier Angehrn

HR Business Partner
+41 58 136 40 24

We have an open company culture that fosters creativity, innovation and flexibility. We select our staff carefully to create the right environment for excellence. Attractive work, excellent development opportunities and personnel management that is cooperative and encourages individual responsibility help to keep staff motivation and satisfaction high.

Our pledge

40 hours working week

27 days of holiday at least

All or part of the 13th month's salary can be converted into holidays.

Possibility for home office, which can be agreed informally.


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for the family

18 weeks of maternity leave

4 weeks of paternity and parental leave

Furthermore, employees have the right to reduce their employment level down to 60% in the event of the birth or adoption of a child.

Child allowances: CHF 1'300/year

Birth allowances (incl. adoption): CHF 1'200/event

and more ...

SWISS TXT will pay the premium for daily sickness allowance insurance.

SWISS TXT will pay the premium for non-occputional accident insurance in 2/3.

In the event of hospitalisation due to an accident, costs of the "private ward" are covered.

Employees can apply to the creativity and promotion fund to obtain a contribution for personal projects or further development measures.

From the age of 59 onwards, members of staff have the right to reduce their working hours by 10% every calendar year. The guaranteed income from their pension fund can remain unchanged.

Powering SRG

SRG provides a multimedia public service to all regions and languages of Switzerland. This unique mission is also carried out by it's subsidiary SWISS TXT. SWISS TXT is SRG's competence center for infrastructure, digital and distribution services.

Accessibility Services

Accessibility Services enable people with sensory disabilities to access multimedia content with subtitling/live text, sign language and audio description. SRG SSR has been relying on SWISS TXT for over 30 years, especially for subtitling all SRG programmes (SRF, RTS, RSI), but also, and increasingly, for new Accessibility Services.

Specialist in computer science, Federal Vet Diploma

In the context of basic vocational training, we offer IT apprenticeships for the following specialisations:

Nils Hirschi

Nils Hirschi

HR Administration Specialist
+41 58 136 43 36


Platform development implies the use of hardware and gadgets, but also of virtual solutions. The trainee plans, builds and administrates ICT networks (LAN, WLAN) and prepares workstations by choosing, installing, operating and monitoring hard-and software, so that users can work without interruption. 



The work of a trainee in computer scientist specialised in application development is versatile and complex. After defining the needs of the customer or user, the trainee will design solution proposals and evaluate with the customer which solution is the right one for him or her. By setting up a development and administration environment, the trainee will start the development process and programme all the functions. In many cases, this task is carried out in a team, with a great deal of attention being paid to testing the programmed functions and to the traceability of the programme codes. Programmers document their working methods and decisions very precisely.  


The basic IT apprenticeship year must be completed at the ICT vocational training centre (ICT Berufsbildungscenter AG) in Berne or Zurich where a broad spectrum of competences will be acquired. The well-trained apprentice will then quickly implement in our company the knowledge he.she has acquired after completing its basic training. The trainee supports and relieves our teams with manageable technical or project work, takes responsibility and works independently on mandates and small projects. 

Our goal is to help the trainee become an independent, responsible, professionally and methodically competent person who can assert and develop itself on the labour market after four years of vocational training.

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