Digital events – multilingual and accessible

multilingual and accessible 22.9.2022
Webinar «Digital events»

multilingual and accessible
Webinar «Digital events»

Talks in real time with live text/subtitles and translations to read at the same time

More and more events and meetings are taking place online. People who have impaired hearing or speak another language often encounter barriers.

SWISS TXT’s LiveAccess platform makes it easy to follow talks by using live text/subtitles in several languages. See how it works live at our webinar. We will also be meeting some sign language interpreters and giving you a look behind the scenes to show you how respeaking works in practice and how SWISS TXT makes live streaming from political or public online events accessible.


10:00 AM

Welcome and introduction to the subject

Find out for yourself about the options offered on our new LiveAccess platform during our online webinar

  • What is the motivation for making the effort to offer live text to accompany an online event?
  • How are the translations presented and what kind of translations are possible?
  • Are both necessary – subtitles and sign language?

Presentation incl. questions/answers

Michaela Nachtrab and Marina De Filippi (in German)

10:30 AM

Online live text in training, schools and education

  • Why is this service needed?
  • Is the automatic language recognition adequate?
  • Why might there still be comprehension problems even with hearing aids?
  • How does “respeaking” work in principle and in what fields can it be used?

Presentation with practical examples incl. questions/answers

Dalia Goldberger (in German)

10:50 AM

Accessible live streaming explained with use cases

  • What are the needs of companies operating at a national level and public sector organisations?
  • How can they be met?

Presentation with practical examples incl. questions/answers

Liliane Martignetti (in French)

11:10 AM

Summary and answering further questions

Michaela Nachtrab

11:30 AM

At the latest, end of webinar

The webinar is aimed at the relevant managers in public organisations, events companies and companies wishing to hold online events/meetings that are in multiple languages and linguistically accessible.

The talks were given in German or French and translated live in writing (into German, French, Italian and other languages).

Michaela Nachtrab

Your contact person

Michaela Nachtrab
Business Development Access Services
  • T +41 58 136 40 51