Conference in the field of Hearing Impairment

Lake Constance Regional Conference for Education Professionals in the field of Hearing Impairment

From 20-22 April, the Zurich Training College for Teachers of Special Needs (HFH) is organising a conference for experts on hearing impairment under the slogan: “Stimulation not compensation!” Around 200 visitors from the area where Germany, Austria and Switzerland meet are expected to attend. SWISS TXT will be there to support the specialist conference with its online service.

Accessible conference content  

The SWISS TXT Accessibility team will be speech-to-text interpreting the presentations at this specialist conference live, and introducing its services and innovations to an interested audience. 

All the expert talks will be made accessible by online speech-to-text interpreters so that people can read along. This service is not only useful for people with impaired hearing but also for those who speak a different mother tongue. 

Dalia Goldberger, Account Manager, and Lilian Zbinden, Team Leader, will give an insight into the services and innovations offered by Accessibility Services at SWISS TXT in their short introduction on 21 April. 

Throughout the conference, visitors will be able to ask at the SWISS TXT information stand for individual advice about online speech-to-text interpreting and other accessibility services.  


Live transmission for students 

To enable hearing-impaired students to follow their lectures in real time, speech-to-text interpreters use a specially developed online platform to translate the spoken material into text. That is why the lecturers are given a microphone before they start their lecture. The sound from the auditorium is sent wirelessly by computer to the speech-to-text interpreters, who enter it in their software by respeaking. The software produces a written text that is sent directly to the laptops of hearing-impaired students. 

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