Nouvo Translations

SWISS TXT delivers
Translations for Nouvo

SWISS TXT delivers
Translations for Nouvo

The "Nouvo" project has been running since 6 March. Under this title, a daily video on the main story of the day will be produced, translated into all four national languages, and posted on the social networks on the same day. The aim of the project is to appeal to a young audience who primarily read information on mobile devices and social media. A specially formed editorial team at RTS in Geneva is responsible for the videos. SWISS TXT in Biel provides translations of the French text into the other three national languages with a short turnaround each day. We receive the basic text by midday and deliver this within hours in German, Italian and Romansh to the editorial team in Geneva, which then publishes the videos. The videos are edited in a different way than for television and subtitled, so that they are ideal for watching on mobile phones and tablets.

Press Release by SRG SSR, 3.3.2017:

As of 6 March, the «Nouvo» videos by SSR will be available on social networks in the four national languages as well as English. The Nouvo accounts of RTSinfo on Facebook and Twitter will then be joined by those of the other enterprise units of SSR: Nouvo SRF News, Nouvo RSI News, Nouvo RTR and Nouvo Swissinfo SWI. 

Nouvo auf Französisch

Nouvo in French.

Nouvo auf Deutsch

Nouvo in German.

The Nouvo videos have arisen from a seminal finding: «Millennials», i.e. young people born in the digital age, mainly obtain their information on mobile devices or via social networks. This is where the idea was born of offering this audience videos written and designed for and adapted to this new method of consuming news. These subtitled short videos are designed for optimum use on telephones and tablets. They include reports geared to the 18-30 age group and explanatory videos which decipher the complexity of current affairs and the world in general. 

Launched in March 2016 by RTS, the Nouvo information videos rapidly conquered French-speaking Switzerland, starting with young people. As of 6 March they will be available on Facebook and Twitter in the four national languages plus English. 

The new editorial team preparing to produce these short videos comprises journalists, graphic artists and editors of social media who come from all the units of SSR (RTS, SRF, RSI, RTR and Swissinfo). They will produce the videos in five languages. Dubbed Nouvo- News, this editorial team is based at RTS in Geneva.