MPC-Tech Event 2017

Event 2017

MPC-Tech Event 2017

The MPC-Tech Event 2017 was held on 12 January 2017 at the Residence-au-Lac in Biel/Bienne and was organized by SWISS TXT. It enabled the technical managers at SWISS TXT, SRF, RTS, RSI, SWI and INIT (internal IT department of SRG) to exchange views on the latest state of technology.

This event, which has been held for several years, makes it possible to put faces to the email addresses and telephone numbers and so to reinforce business relationships between the various units of SRG.

The panorama of the technical infrastructure provided by INIT highlighted the complexity we face in our daily work in an impressive way.

SWISS TXT presented the new technological features such as «Kubernetes Cluster for Mediahub», «Ansible cloud stack module» and the ongoing development of the SWISS TXT CDN load balancing. SRF provided an overview of the new implementation of «Two Factor Authentication» and the work done to date on the IDS (Intrusion Detection System). RTS presented the «Zabbis» and «Boto3» software. RSI explained the diversification of its architecture.

This platform for personal exchanges between the various enterprise units of SRG will be continued until 2018 at the latest, as the dialogue between all persons involved in technology and infrastructure is important and should be developed further.

MPC Tech Event 2017

The event at the location "Residence-au-Lac" in Biel/Bienne.