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What's now? 2018 (in german)

What's now? 2018

The SWISS TXT event «What's now?» took place at "Giesserei Oerlikon" on 26 April 2018. The theme of the evening was «Discover the hidden potential of videos».

Markus Sollberger, project Manager at SWISS TXT, opened the first part of the evening dedicated to presentations. He gave an overview of Live Streaming Trends during sport events. Afterwards, Larissa Bieler and Marguerite Meyer, Editor in Chief & Head of Multimedia at SWI swissinfo.ch, showed how the right video published on the right platform can generate added value. Urs Widmer, CEO Digital Learning from CREALOGIX, presented the use of videos in the educational field. Under the motto «Silence is golden», Dragana Sucevic, Head of Access Services Zurich at SWISS TXT, showed how subtitles spread on social networks and what makes them so valuable. The presentations ended with a look into the future, "How does artificial intelligence influence videos?", given by Sabine Süsstrunk, professor and Director of the Images and Visual Representation Laboratory in the School of Computer and Communication Sciences at EPFL. Jann Billeter moderated the evening. 

The second part of the evening was dedicated to a "Flying Dinner", where participants could meet and exchange thoughts about the future of videos.

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