15 June 2016 15 June 2016

SRF Online Showcase- UEFA EC video portal
with Switzerland-Romania live

The annual get-together was held on 15 June 2016. As an event on the 2016 sports calendar, the European Championships were naturally one of the topics. The programme therefore offered participants a glimpse behind the scenes of SRF and its live reporting. Markus Sollberger of SWISS TXT then presented the innovations in the area of sport video streaming. Finally, participants were able to chat and mingle at a dinner and drinks reception during the Switzerland-Romania game.

The focus of the entire event was on the Event Player and the Sport results centre with SRF as an example. The latest release of this solution in particular now provides viewers with many more ways to follow events. Users can now select their favourite camera view during the live stream. They may choose to get a tactical overview of the game or select a follower camera to enjoy detailed close-up images of a player in each team. At the same time, critical moments are offered as multi-angle replays. This means that the user can replay an offside or goal, for example, from various angles. There is also plenty for stats lovers: All the championship statistics and team details are available, allowing you to get an insight into a selected country or look up an overview of the entire championship with the game schedule. You will find further details of SWISS TXT's solutions here and here.

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