From a video straight to e-commerce
Interactive videos

Interactive videos – bridging the gap between promotional videos and e-commerce

The previously separate worlds of «promotional videos» and «e-commerce» are now being directly connected thanks to interactive videos. Individual products and services can be linked straight to the online shop using markers placed in the video. Users are taken to the product they are looking for with a single click and without any switching between media and can order it in the e-commerce application.

The added value of interactive videos

  • Direct link between promotional videos and e-commerce
  • Go from the product advert to the shop with just one click
  • Improved shopping experience thanks to no switching between media
  • Higher conversion rate

Workflow for interactive videos

  • Load video
  • Mark objects over a period of time (automatic tracking available)
  • Select interaction and templates
  • Specify interaction behaviour
  • Play

For E-commerce and advertising

For storytelling and captioning

Demo video using the example of STS eventforum

Beat Schneider

Beat Schneider

Marketing & Product Manager
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