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SWISS TXT powers the Kaltura SaaS video delivery platform (VDP), leader in the domains of education and enterprises.

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Interactive videos

Demo video using the example of STS eventforum

Interactive videos bridge the gap between promotional videos and e-commerce. Products and services can be linked straight to an online shop using markers placed in the video, improving the user’s shopping experience.

Interactive video allows knowledge to be imparted and tested anytime and anywhere.  The use of videos allows conventional teaching methods to be supplemented with interactive elements, and implementation of  integrated learning methods such as flip teaching, flipped classroom and inverted teaching.


Multi-device solutions

  • 20 specialists develop customised audio and video solutions and multilingual project managers ensure that the projects are carried out to the desired quality and for the agreed deadline and specified costs.
  • Agile project methods allow reacting flexibly to customer requirements and promptly implementing the latest innovations with maximum customer benefit.

We ensure that your content is optimally prepared and made available for each device, enabling your users to enjoy the services with the utmost convenience any time, anywhere and on any device.


Sport multimedia solutions



SRG, along with its Enterprise Units SRF, RTS, RSI and RTR, has been relying on SWISS TXT’s expertise and solutions in the sports sector for many years. Content from around 20 sports in Switzerland is processed in the sports results centre for web and mobile. SWISS TXT provides multimedia sport content across the board and ensures that no highlight is missed with the event player. We reach around 2 million viewers for, and during the Olympic Games or football World Cup/European Championships and play up to 80’000 simultaneous video streams. The tried-and-tested solution ensures that every sports fan can enjoy the events in high definition, even during heavy use.




Video strategy

SWISS TXT provides integrated consulting for

  • strategy
  • production
  • workflows
  • and the use of audio-visual digital media (e.g. video strategies for big events)


SWISS TXT has 30 years’ experience of setting up, operating and commercializing digital media through various innovation lifecycles.


Video learning & collaboration

  • Video Learning
  • Video collaboration



Use video to optimize training and collaboration.



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