video delivery platform for education

advantages for: 


For learning institutes

Data safety

Our infrastructure is compliant with Swiss law and EU directives relating to data protection and privacy.

High compatibility

Seamless integration into an existing LMS or CMS environment, such as Moodle, Brightspace, SharePoint, ECM and many others.

Effortless and effective content distribution

Content distribution across the web at the click of a button. The platform provides a set of simple workflows for distribution on social media as well as optimized SEO features.

Centralized video capture management

Capture everywhere, manage once. It is possible to record every single class, no matter where it takes place or what hardware/technology is being used. From the smallest classe to the biggest lecture hall, manage all your lecture recordings from any course capture device.


For students and alumni

Round-the-clock knowledge access

Access to knowledge archives from anywhere and at any time. The MediaSpace portal offers an optimized experience for most mobile device browsers. A mobile app is also available for iOS and Android environments.

Easy to find content

The in-video search makes it easier to find desired content within your video library, whether through captions and transcriptions, searchable slide text from video presentations or advanced metadata and search tools.

Flawless community creation

Engage and collaborate thanks to user friendly content sharing tools, comments, likes and social media connectors.



For teachers

Enriched learning experience

Rich content enhances learning experience and boosts student’s motivation and participation.

User friendly content creation

Easy to use video capture tools combine painless recording and automated publishing. Content creators capture multi-stream recordings of up to three video inputs synchronized with a PowerPoint presentation or screen capture. Viewers can switch between video streams, and view picture in picture.

Video online assessment

Easy to combine learning and assessment with interactive video quizzes.


SWISS TXT accompanies learning institutes on their way to digitalization with consulting, project management and development for your ready-to-use solutions.


Look at the case "Bern University of Applied Sciences - Video Delivery Platform". 


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