• CDN
  • Livestreaming
  • HbbTV livestreaming
  • Akamai streaming
  • Video on demand

SWISS TXT operates its own Swiss delivery platform for local content. As an Akamai partner, we enable global streaming. You benefit from a low-cost architecture thanks to automatic load balancing. Read more.


  • Media storage
  • High performance storage
  • Eco storage
  • S3-compatible storage

SWISS TXT offers storage solutions to meet all requirements. Quality and security are ensured by two redundant Swiss data centres with high availability. We meet the public data privacy guidelines for data centres certified in accordance with ISO.


Swiss Media Cloud

  • Cloud hosting
  • Cloud automation

SWISS TXT offers 62 Gbit/s broadband internet peering and state-of-the-art technology and procedures such as CloudStack, Ansible and Puppet. Our service is rounded out by 7x24 support and DevOps. 2’000 virtual machines run in our cloud. The cloud has 8.8 petabytes total storage capacity. Read more.

Bettina Manta

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Bettina Manta
Service & Sales Manager
  • T +41 32 329 21 72