less constraints, cheaper and more flexible
Content 4 All: The sign language of tomorrow

SWISS TXT has shown in a video what the sign language could look like in the future.

We are working together with different partners on the research project «Content4All» that has received the renowned "NAB Technology Innovation Award" in spring 2020.

Fully automated sign language with Realatars.

  • Modern technology serves the deaf community like never before and another revolution is about to hit
  • A new technology in on the verge for broadcast and digital, serving the sensory impaired: The "Realatars"
  • "Realatars" are 3D models generated automatically with gestures matched out as naturally as possible
  • This means: less constraints, cheaper and more flexible.
  • Deeplearning A.I method will even go beyond by generating the realatar from and audio track.
  • From audio to subtitles to realatar
  • In the future, augmented reality will kick in and allow telepresence outside of the TV.

Disclaimer: this project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no. 762021.