Event organisers: make your event accessible –with speech-to-text technology!

SWISS TXT offers a way for conferences and events to be completely accessible. A new service, known as voice writing, enables participants with a hearing impairment to read what is being said. It can be used for any type of presentation, discussion or speech, and any type of event, from media conferences to product launches.

An event with speech-to-text-service

Remote respeaking

How does it work? 'Respeakers' are specially trained SWISS TXT staff who repeat what is being said at the event. They use voice recognition software to convert speech immediately into text, which is then displayed to participants in real time on tablets, on a screen at the venue, or as subtitles to a live stream. This means that organisers do not need to have any equipment, booths or additional staff on site.

The service also makes sense for parliaments. It makes live streams of parliamentary debates accessible to the deaf and hard of hearing, ensuring that they are fully and genuinely included.

Transcripts and minutes required?

It is also possible to have texts produced by the speech-to-text method translated automatically into another language. And it is done live. This is another great advantage for everyone not conversant in the language being spoken at that moment.

Finally, in addition to live translation into other languages, the texts produced using the respeaking approach can also be used as transcripts, and for minute-taking and archiving purposes.

The spoken word as text – live!

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