Barrier-free live streams
for public institutions

  • The requirements of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities are high in terms of accessibility, particularly towards public institutions.
  • It is difficult to offer accessibility to people with sensory disabilities - especially during live broadcasts and events.
  • The focus is on broadcasts and events filmed live on location.
  • SWISS TXT services include live subtitling, sign language and the video player, which enables live streams to be displayed barrier-free on websites or mobile devices.

Live texts and/or subtitles are created simultaneously and remotely by our experienced respeakers using special soft-ware and displayed in the player.

Sign language
In addition, the presentations can also be translated remotely into sign language and displayed in the video player as well as zoomed in/out.

Accessible Video Player
The video player allows live streaming, live subtitles and live translations into sign language simultaneously.

Accessible Live Stream
The live stream is available online and displayed on any mobile device.

More / options

  • Fast writing of meeting minutes
  • Multilingual sub-titles or live texts
  • Online live texts
  • Text and sign language selectable


  • German/Swiss German
  • French
  • Italian
  • English

SWISS TXT has provided access services for SRG SSR, its SRF, RTS and RSI units, corporate partners and educational institutes for 30 years.

We have around 100 employees at our regional locations (Zurich, Geneva, Comano) so we can provide professional services close to you, in Switzerland’s 3 official languages and around 20 other languages.

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