Welt der Wunder

Welt der Wunder TV builds
own blockchain solution

Welt der Wunder TV builds
own blockchain solution

Extract from the Welt der Wunder TV press release from 15 November 2017. Welt der Wunder TV is planning the world’s first blockchain solution for the international trading of media licences, whereby its own cryptocurrency will be put in place and issued as part of an international token sale via an ICO (initial coin offering). The future video distribution platform has been jointly developed by SWISS TXT and Welt der Wunder TV.

Pioneering and innovative blockchain technology is set to be used for the first time ever in the world to restructure and simplify global trading in media licences. Growing demand for professional video content and the need for the efficient transfer and billing of such content are what sparked the idea behind the project.

The issued cryptocurrency will be called “MILC” (Micro Licensing Coin). The aim is to establish the common, shared currency in international TV and media licence trading within the media ecosystem and the community.

Welt der Wunder TV has already developed its video distribution platform together with SWISS TXT and its own development teams. Welt der Wunder TV and SWISS TXT will continue to work closely together on the video asset management side of the platform in order to ensure that the platform remains useful and attractive to both buyers and sellers.

As subsupplier, SWISS TXT is in charge of delivering the technical platform. It is not involved in the ICO of Welt der Wunder. SWISS TXT staff will not receive any token from the ICO either. 

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