Jungfrau Marathon

SWISS TXT tests HELIOS at the
2019 Jungfrau Marathon

SWISS TXT tests HELIOS at the 2019 Jungfrau Marathon

SWISS TXT is testing the EU research project HELIOS – developed with well-known partners from across Europe – at the Jungfrau Marathon in Interlaken on 7 September 2019.

Ultramarathon runner Gabi Schenkel is taking part in the Jungfrau Marathon for Levuro, a partner of SWISS TXT on the Helios project. Team members from SWISS TXT and editorial team members from SRF will accompany Gabi during the marathon and create continuous photo and video posts with the Helios mobile phone app. This content will be loaded via the SWISS TXT Mediahub to the Helios video exchange platform. From there, publishers, media companies and event organisers can access the content and post it on their social media pages. The organiser of the Jungfrau Marathon will also publish this content on its own Social Wall.

In parallel, SWISS TXT is realising a use case at the Jungfrau Marathon for the  international IBC broadcast exhibition in Amsterdam, which will be presented on the  SWISS TXT Stand at the event.

The HELIOS project

HELIOS is a European research project that aims to develop a revolutionary citizen journalism platform and other business models based on blockchain technology. Registered users and journalists can create video and photo content and load them to the platform using a mobile app. Blockchain technology provides assurance that the generated content will remain unaltered from the creator’s workflow to the publisher. Blockchain also enables content creators to obtain a trust level. Every time a piece of content is created, it is rated causing the author’s trust indicator to rise or fall. Publishers and media companies will therefore in future be able to obtain and post high-quality and authentic content at the touch of a button. Creators are automatically and digitally remunerated by means of a market place built into the platform.

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HELIOS is an EU-funded project within the scope of the H2020 Programme and Grant Agreement no.825585. It aims to develop a context-aware, distributed and decentralised social media platform and to introduce new concepts for the creation of reliable and transparent social graphs. Find out more: www.helios-h2020.eu.