Successful field test
with mobile citizen journalist app

Successful field test with mobile citizen journalist app

As part of the EU’s HELIOS research project, SWISS TXT once again put its mobile CJ Reporter app to the test under real-life conditions at the 2021 Jungfrau Marathon.

Following a short break due to the spread of coronavirus, the 28th edition of the ever-popular Jungfrau Marathon held this year looked a little different. The weather was kind. This year, 4,000 runners started the race at Interlaken airfield in eight blocks. One of the participants was the blind athlete and highly decorated Paralympian Chantal Cavin, who fulfilled her dream by successfully completing the challenging course for the first time. She was accompanied by two sighted guide runners, started in the first group and was the focus of our field test. The on-site crew encountered the runner on several occasions and at various points at the start, during the race and at the finish line, and captured some exciting images with the CJ Reporter app.

Mobile live streaming and event recordings by citizen journalists

This year, the new integrated live streaming function was tested on the CJ reporter app with the Portuguese partner MOG Technologies. This enabled anyone keen to watch the marathon to follow the action from home live via the dedicated YouTube channel.

Several citizen journalists who took part in the test continuously uploaded their photos and video clips during the race to the video platform specially developed by SWISS TXT.

Many functions can be tested properly in the laboratory, but only a live field test can demonstrate how well the application and the necessary infrastructure are working and reveal what has an influence on the recording quality, for example incorrect phone handling or the mobile connections to the back-end systems. However, the conclusion drawn by Project Manager Rolf Nyffenegger is very positive: “A test is not only successful when everything goes smoothly but also when it helps you to understand where the problems lie and what the limitations are. We once again obtained a lot of useful information at the Jungfrau Marathon which will help us to improve the app.”

Robin Ribback

Robin Ribback

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