New strategic partnership:
Kaltura and SWISS TXT

Joint forces for
European online video solutions

BIEL (CH) / NEW YORK (US), 3.11.2016 – Kaltura's leading video platform and the power of SWISS TXT media cloud infrastructure will enable European customers to benefit from an excellent video experience for their audiences in education, corporate communication and media. The state-of-the-art datacentres of the media cloud are located in Switzerland and fully compliant with EU data safety and privacy regulations.

Kaltura, the leading video technology provider, and SWISS TXT, the subsidiary of the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation, have partnered to deliver a European version of the Kaltura video platform to customers who require data hosting in Europe according to EU data privacy laws.

The joint offering is based on Kaltura's award-winning technology as well as SWISS TXT's cutting-edge private media cloud infrastructure. It is operated in two fully redundant and disaster tolerant data centres, based in Switzerland and fully compliant with EU security regulations. Further it features full scalability ready to host thousands of virtual servers and peta-bytes of media storage. It comes with 30Gbit/s of direct Internet peering bandwidth, out-of-the-box integration with popular CDNs such as Akamai and 24/7 multilingual technical support.

A map of the world

SWISS TXT becomes new strategic partner to Kaltura.


Workflow using the Kaltura platform.

Rising demand 

“Demand for locally hosted video solutions is booming, and we are delighted to team with Kaltura, the leader in the video SaaS space, to address this growing need with our state-of-the-art local cloud infrastructure, and supreme service,” commented Michael Solan, head of business development at SWISS TXT. 

“As we continue to expand our European presence with new partners and customers rapidly coming on board, we are seeing a growing number of companies and educational institutions that require local hosting for security and compliance reasons,” said Ron Yekutiel, Kaltura Co-founder, Chairman and CEO, “After carefully evaluating several options, we are excited to partner with SWISS TXT to expand our reach and cater to local requirements at the highest level.”