2nd place for the SWISS TXT team
Hackdays 2017

2nd place for the SWISS TXT team

Nine members of SWISS TXT staff took part in this year's Hackdays. The "Showquiz" team's project won second place, developing a quiz that can be played by a number users via a variety of channels, such as HbbTV and mobile. It involves videos being chosen at random from the SRG API integration layer and a quiz question being added automatically.

Team "Showquiz":

With: Daniel Stingelin, Gil Bertoli, Markus Noth, Pascal Babey, Salvatore Agri, Maël Wyssbrod, Rossana Galli (RSI) und Gianluigi Fragomeni (RSI).

Project: Multi-channel (HbbTV, mobile) quiz for multiple users drawing on videos from the API integration layer.

Team "Smart Transcription Service":

With: Dominik Von Burg, Gregor Riepl, Marko Nalis.

Project: Workflow to extract the audio track of a video automatically in the Mediahub and send it to the IBM Watson API so that subtitles can be created and translated automatically.

The Hackdays were held for the fourth time on 2 and 3 February 2017 in Zurich and Geneva. The programmer event, organised jointly by SRG and Swisscom, generated around 30 different project ideas from approximately 120 participants. SRG and Swisscom decided to organise the event together because they both support innovation, and wanted to offer a platform for the implementation of ideas. This is based on metadata that SRG provides on the api.srgssr.ch website. Developers can use this metadata to produce new prototypes and applications. External developers participate in the Hackdays alongside IT-loving staff from SRG and Swisscom. 

Hackdays website: http://www.srgssr.ch/de/multimedia/hackdays-2017/