Automated broadcasting for
Welt der Wunder

Automated broadcasting for
Welt der Wunder

The TV channel "Welt der Wunder" has recently invested in Mediahub, the programming management solution (SaaS) of SWISS TXT, in order to automatise time-consuming work processes and IT-tasks.



  • Welt der Wunder is a science-focused TV news programme which was aired for the first time on 10 March 1996, at the time on the TV channel ProSieben.
  • Since October 2013, Welt der Wunder GmbH has been running its own 24/7 special interest channel in Germany called Welt der Wunder TV.
  • Since November 2014 Welt der Wunder Schweiz GmbH has been running an independent channel in Switzerland.
  • Since 2017 Welt der Wunder has been using SWISS TXT’s Mediahub to manage its TV programmes.



  • Welt der Wunder used various tools to plan its programmes and conduct its broadcast operations.
  • Previously, broadcast management had been largely manual and labour-intensive.
  • The hardware had to be operated in-house which was very expensive.


Automation with Mediahub.


  • Standardisation and simplification of the system landscape.
  • Cross-system distribution to the OTT platforms.
  • New asset management should be able to be operated as a cost-effective and scalable SaaS solution.
  • Automation of time-consuming work processes.


solution/way forward/features

  • User-friendly interfaces for managing the TV programmes.
  • Central archive for programmes and individual items from them.
  • Connection to existing systems such as ad servers and playout servers.
  • Automated exchange of metadata between the peripheral systems.


Transcoding and delivery.


  • Efficient programme planning.
  • Consolidation into one single tool for programming and programme management.
  • Cost-effective SaaS solution without own infrastructure.
  • Use of fewer resources for the execution of standard tasks


Thanks to our colleagues at SWISS TXT we can now fully concentrate on our programme and new TV formats and no longer have to struggle with IT tasks.

Hendrik Hey
Founder & Managing Director, Welt der Wunder




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