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Streaming from a VoD platform to supplement the DVD
J. S. Bach foundation VoD platform

The J. S. Bach foundation has set itself a big mission: to perform all the vocal works of Johann Sebastian Bach and to film the performances in order to provide posterity with a better understanding of the great composer. It is also being financed through the sale of the recordings on DVD. Until September 2015. Then the J.S. Bach-Foundation went online with its VoD platform.
Konzert im Hintergrund und Kamera im Vordergrund

Preparation work to record a concert.


Each month the foundation performs a J. S. Bach cantata in the church of Trogen (Appenzell Ausserrhoden). These concerts are filmed and then made available to the public in the form of a good quality DVD for enjoying at home. However, mailing DVDs all over the world is a complicated and laborious task. The J. S. Bach foundation therefore needed to find a new distribution method.

  • The aim of the foundation is to promote cultural life through the vocal works of J. S. Bach.
  • To this end it arranges cantata recitals and promotes the work of J. S. Bach.
  • The recordings of the concerts (DVDs and CDs) are sold internationally by mail order.
  • The foundation has a large fanbase on Facebook, with over 292’000 fans.
  • The preview cantata videos on YouTube have been watched over 2.85 million times.
  • A large portion of the fans live elsewhere in the world (Latin America especially) and therefore face relatively high shipping and customs charges as well as long delivery times.
  • The commercial terms for collaborating with platforms such as iTunes and Spotify are less than ideal and focus too strongly on audio without video.
  • The concerts are held in the tiny Appenzell village of Trogen and fans all over the world get to appreciate the movies and the foundation's work.



Bach-Stiftung Website

The website

  • To facilitate access to the works of J. S. Bach and to expand the basis for their distribution (e.g. by converting part of the mail order business into a digital one).
  • To set up a full video portal so that J. S. Bach fans can stream content immediately via the Internet after making payment.
  • A quick and user-friendly interface.


The J. S. Bach foundation project presented an exciting challenge. SWISS TXT managed the close collaboration between all involved and was responsible for the following tasks:

  • Recording all the wishes and requirements in detail.
  • Designing the user experience for web and tablet.
  • Designing the technical aspects of the platform.
  • Providing the hosting infrastructure.
  • Integrating the content management, shopping and streaming components.
  • Migrating all the content and training the customer.
  • Testing and launching the solution.


Aufrufe auf dem Bildschirm

Increasing the online reach.

Karte der Welt und Aufrufe

Worldwide community (Facebook).


  • Thanks to streaming and the Internet, fans can access the content more cheaply and quickly than previously by mail order.
  • The foundation can distribute the works to a broad audience, and thereby fulfil its mission better while reaching new customer segments.


Facebook Seite und Tablet

The foundation's Facebook page.

Anneliese Looser

Anneliese Looser

The community is very grateful!

Anneliese Looser
Manager of the J.S. Bach-Foundation's distribution company


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