Critical points accessible in just one click

Interactive Video
Critical points accessible in just one click

SWISS TXT and the team of «Stand Up Paddle Race around Nidau» are producing a video with interactive elements. The video contains direct links to the websites of the different sponsors and gives paddlers instructions on the registration process and the racetrack.


  • By Lake Biel – very close to the SWISS TXT headquarters – a young and dedicated crew has a lot to do between Spring and Autumn. Young and old meet at the Sunset Shop, to paddle along a 5 km long track around the island of Nidau.
  • SWISS TXT staff members actively paddle as well. That's how they came up with the idea of an interactive video that offers added value to different groups of people.


  • The video should be a mix of emotional pictures and clickable information.
  • Sponsors and partners should be involved in the project.
  • The aim is to make people aware of the «Race around Nidau» and offer them useful information in a cool way.


  • The video came to life through a common project.
  • SWISS TXT gave guidelines for quality, length and technical aspects.
  • Direction and film production with cameras and drones were undertook by the Sunset team.
  • They defined together where to implement the interactive elements.
  • SWISS TXT then added the clickable markers via an easy-to-use web editor.
  • An interactive video with true added value was born.


  • The video gained high attention, as it was widely distributed by e-mail, on the website and social media.
  • Sponsors of the SUP Race were integrated by embedding their logos into the video. By clicking on them, you land straight on their website.
  • The video will also be available at the SUP rental station on a large touchscreen, so that customers can inform themselves. It will be a great relief for crew members.
  • Customers/interested people can click directly on the critical points and only watch what they are interested in or watch the entire movie and enjoy beautiful images.

I wanted to make a cool movie, that is pleasant to watch and also contains useful information

Sascha Biedermann
owner Sunset Shop at Lake Biel

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